Intuitive Tarot Readings

So what the heck15317862_1278630955528603_8425878123299090729_n.jpg is an Intuitive Tarot Reading??
An intuitive reading goes a bit deeper than a standard Tarot Reading.  While Tarot is excellent at bringing out information, intuitive readings tend to be much deeper and brings out more specific information regarding issues and situations that may come up in a standard reading.  Think of it as “Tarot Plus”.

How did these types of readings come about?

I’ve had my intuitive ability since I was young.  About four years ago, I felt a call to start using my intuitive gifts to do readings for other people.  After speaking to the owners of my local pagan store, they were willing to give me a try as an intuitive reader in their regular circuit of readers that read from their store.  Overall, the intuitive readings were a great success.   But because I wasn’t using a ‘medium’ of any sort, I felt that most people were uncomfortable with the fact that I could just look at them for a few moments and give them information about their private lives.

I was asked back by the owners of the store, so for the next scheduled reading time I decided to include the Tarot deck as a buffer between my client and I.  I had been doing Tarot readings for over 20 years, so I am very comfortable with the cards.  By adding the Tarot to the reading, it allowed me to go just as deeply, but my energy focus was on the cards, and not as directly on the client.  The readings went beautifully and the Intuitive Tarot Reading was born.

What happens during an intuitive reading?

An intuitive reading starts out just like any other reading; the cards are shuffled and put into any number of spreads.  After a quick grounding and centering, I turn the cards over one by one and start to read them.  At this point I also look at the energy of the person, energy of the cards themselves, and at times my guides also come forward with specific information to give to the client.  On occasion, the client’s guides have even come forward to ask that I give the client specific information.  Readings are normally a half hour, but depending on the intensity of the reading, the needs of the client and the situation, they can go on for much longer.

Are readings confidential?
Absolutely!  I hold myself to strict ethical standards regarding the readings that I do.  I am very proud and honored to be reading for my clients, and want to make certain that those readings are always given as professionally as possible.

Can I get a reading over the phone or online?
Yes!  I can do readings face to face, by Skype or phone call, and have even done readings by email.

What are your prices for readings?
My normal fee is $30 for a half hour reading.  However, if you schedule a time to see me at The Wandering Owl, my fee is only $25 for a half hour.  The Wandering Owl is a wonderful pagan store and I’m thrilled to be considered one of their regular readers.

Have other questions about Intuitive Readings or want to schedule one?  Send me an email!