A Suggested Call to Action


My sister in law, who lives in the United Kingdom, shared with me an article about how Brits are fighting the racial abuse after the vote to leave the EU.  You see, they are doing it by wearing safety pins.

By wearing a safety pin, you are signaling that you are willing to intervene when you see racial or xenophobic abuse.  You are also signaling that someone who is foreign born can sit next to you on a bus or train and that person will not be hassled.

This is huge.  It’s a great way to show solidarity, but as the woman who originated the idea said, it is also a PLEDGE.  It’s a pledge that you are going to step in and help someone in need who is being abused.  It’s a pledge that you will film encounters for evidence, and that you will call the police if necessary.

I’d love to see this go viral here in the United States, but not just include immigrants.  We also need to pledge that we won’t allow bullying against the LGBT community, and that we will pledge to do what we can to stop abuses against women.

So what are your thoughts?  Is this something we in the United States should consider?

For more information – check out http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/29/europe/brexit-uk-immigrant-population-racism/

Photo from Deviant Art


Author: Karlesha

I am a martial artist, historical fencer, yogi, runner, intuitive / empath, diviner and pagan. My passion is learning about myself, where I fit in the world and where I can do the most good.

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