Thoughts for today


As a lot of my posts start, John Beckett put up another post about polytheism, what it is, and what it isn’t.  And I finally chimed in on it through comments on Facebook.  I  basically spoke to the lack of empathy in the whole argument, and how perhaps that might be part of the problem.  (for those of you who are Facebook friends with him, I used my mundane name, Amy Brown, to post).

What response I got was actually positive.  Like I’ve said many times, and posted last week, my stance is a bit different.

Like I said in the post, it’s going to take many more minds than mine to come up with a solution.  However, things don’t have to agree to be beautiful.  I offer what I am listening to today at work, a symphonic suite called “The Prayer Cycle“for thought and to support this.

The symphonic suite was composed in 12 languages including Hebrew, Latin, Swahili and Urdu, French and many others.  Each movement in itself is a unified prayer that lifts beyond religion or spirituality.  It simply allows the listener to feel the prayer within their heart.

Perhaps you don’t agree with me, and that’s OK.  Then instead of showing what can be done even when things don’t agree, I offer this on this Monday morning to hopefully bring a little peace, hope and grace to your day.

Here is the You Tube link.  The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Author: Karlesha

I am a martial artist, historical fencer, yogi, runner, intuitive / empath, diviner and pagan. My passion is learning about myself, where I fit in the world and where I can do the most good.

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