Magic in the Workplace

A simple charm in the workplace can be very powerful

I am a huge advocate of doing empowerment magic, especially in the work environment.  Anything you can to make your work life the best it can be in my book is worth it.  Let’s face it, very few of us are in positions that we love and enjoy.  Instead, most of us work because we need to make a living to support ourselves and our families.  So why not do everything in your power to ensure that the time that you spend at work is smooth and beneficial to you and to your company?

Let me be clear here – I’m not saying going out and bending wills so that your company stays afloat, attacking coworkers or pushing them away from you so you have alone time.  Instead, I’m talking about specific things that you can do to not only make yourself comfortable, but also productive and efficient.  At least in my industry, the more productive and efficient you are, the better chance you have for promotions and raises.  And while I’m not too keen on being promoted anytime soon, the more projects and things that I work on, the better I look to my supervisors come review time.

One of the biggest things I do is makeup and jewelry.  Guys might not have as much luck with makeup as women, however I find it is a huge benefit.  One of the biggest reasons I use makeup is because it helps me not look so tired.  I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, so any help I can get to look refreshed and relaxed is a huge benefit.

Another positive with makeup is that you can vary what you do based on your needs.  If you need to go into a meeting where you know you will need to be assertive, perhaps the light pastel eye color that you normally wear should be saved for another day.  A business-like face with a slightly darker lip color and liquid eyeliner to make your eyes stand out gives a subtle hint that you aren’t going to be a wall flower in that meeting.  On the other hand, neutrals work very well when you are trying to blend into the walls.

Sometimes I will also allow some of my fatigue to show through by not fully covering up dark circles under my eyes, especially if I am working on a project that has taken some overtime.  The reason being that once some of the fatigue is communicated to coworkers, they have a tendency to leave you alone to focus on what it is you need to.

As I am putting on my makeup each morning, I focus on the intent, along with any incantations I want to add for potency.  Makeup is expected in some workplaces, why not work with it so that you get the most benefit you can?

Jewelry in my workplace is kept to a minimum.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t add charms to what it is I wear to aid me throughout the day.   I got quite a few of my necklaces from a company called Uncommon Adornments, a shop that opens at the local renaissance festival every year (they also have a website – and the picture associated with this post is a charm they have for sale).  Their charms are small in size, and can easily be used in a spell to create magical items.  I have one I created for strength, one for kindness, and one to remember peace.  I also use an amber stone for clarity, or when I need to “cut through the bullshit.”  Another option is to make your own jewelry.

For for people who cannot wear specific metals to work or work on a production floor, maybe a symbol drawn on the skin with an eyeliner, ink or a body paint is an option.  The symbol could be close to your heart, or up higher on the arm so that it is easily concealed by clothing, in case you don’t want questions.  Or, if you do want questions, perhaps putting it on the inside of your wrist will be enough to intrigue your coworkers, as they would only get glimpses of it as you are working.

For clothing, I never wear anything at work that I do not find is comfortable.  While this is also for the fibromyalgia, I also don’t want to spend any energy on fighting my clothing while I am at work.  The energy is better spent getting through the day than fighting your clothing.  I keep my heels to a minimum, unless I am in one of those meetings or trainings where I have to be presentable.  Then, a very small Mary Jane-style heel works well.  And because it is the type of world we live in here in the United States, I never wear a shoe into work that I cannot run or throw a martial arts kick in.

I also am the type of person to hide crystals around my main work area.  In one job I had I was able to use scotch tape to tape small crystals to the walls of the cubicle that I worked in.  They were small enough that they were very inconspicuous.  I worked there 2 years and no one in the area ever knew about them.  Another option for symbol magic could be to draw something on paper with a symbol hidden inside and put near your workstation.  If anyone asks, a drawing given to you from a niece or nephew or a child that is close to you is a great cover.

These are only some suggestions for ideas.  With some thought, I am certain that other inconspicuous magickal item ideas can also be identified and used.  Since my corporation is very conservative, my magical items are as low key as possible, but they serve me very well (and I am very grateful for them).


Author: Karlesha

I am a martial artist, historical fencer, yogi, runner, intuitive / empath, diviner and pagan. My passion is learning about myself, where I fit in the world and where I can do the most good.

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